NHS To Trial Virtual Gp Appointments

Published: 22/05/2019

Today the NHS have announced their latest innovation in technology. The latest innovation is a 24 hour service that offers NHS patients a free consultation via vedio link or smart phone as an alternative to visiting your local GP. We are asking all our customers and others that may be effected not to worry! 

Firstly, whilst here at Bluebird Care Brentwood we promote the use of technology. We also recognize the importance of delivering a personalized service that offers continuity to our valued customers. Therefore in the light of the new announcement we would like to reassure our customers and any other individual whom is living with complexed care needs that you will not be forced to utilize this new service in the immediate future.
Our customers will still be able to access their regular GP service and benefit from seeing their GP that knows them. 
If however any of our customers are eligible and would like to utilize this new service, all of our care staff are equipped with smart-phones and will be happy to assist.