Pillar's Of The Community

Published: 22/05/2019

On Friday the 27th of October Bluebird Care Essex West's Care Supervisor Michelle Westacott was on her way into the office when she saw a man struggling to get into his van. It later emerged this individual had suffered a stroke and a bleed on the brain. Michelle's fast, efficient and professional approach may have just saved the life of this individual. 

When Bluebrid Care Essex West's Care Supervisor Michelle Westacott saw a gentleman struggling to get into his van, her natural instinct was to pull over and check he was ok. When it emerged the gentleman was visually sick, Michelle called for the support of her colleague George. George and Michelle assisted the gentleman into the Bluebird Care Brentwood Office where they then called an Ambulance. Upon the arrival of the Ambulance crew it emerged the man had suffered from a stroke and a bleed on the brain, and would need to be taken to hospital immediately.
Michelle and George's work did not stop there. They found paperwork in the gentleman's van, which revealed his full name.
George then utilized social media to find the contact details of the gentleman's family.
Through Michelle and George's hard work the man wad admitted to hospital and his family were quickly informed of his whereabouts.
The Ambulance crew and the gentleman's family have since commended michelle and her "real eye for care".
Due to Michelle's efficient and caring approach she may have just saved this gentleman's life.