Home Care Assistant's Pay Increase

Published: 22/11/2021

Bluebird Care Epping and Harlow provide Home Care Assistant’s with a pay increase of 28% or 30+%, becoming the first movers locally to recognise home care assistants as “skilled worker’s”.

Working as a Care Assistant has always been a highly rewarding, yet demanding profession, however many people still refer to a Care Assistant’s as “just a carer”. Here at Bluebird Care we are extremely passionate in raising the profile of Health and Social Care, and the various career opportunities for those that are interested in a long and progressive career in care. 

The decision to increase our hourly pay this year so significantly is partly due to celebrate the continual commitment and hard work of the Bluebird Care, Care Assistants in recent times. Our Director Kevin McCormack explained just some of the sacrifices of our local team in a recent letter to our customer’s. 

“In a year that saw fluctuating lockdown restrictions and changes in COVID-19 guidance, the demand for our team to carry out their skilled roles not only grew, but in fact soared. When the need arose, our incredible team stepped up putting the needs of our customers first. When schools shut many of our team members returned from a long shift to home school their children. When the pubs and restaurants re-opened many of our team members decided to sacrifice a long overdue catch-up with friends and family to care our customers. When a vaccination for coronavirus was made available, many of our team members were first in line. The pressure’s our team faced this year were unprecedented, but for their resilience and perseverance I am sure you will agree with me that they deserve to be recognised and rewarded appropriately.” 

In addition to this, the demand for our team to provide their personalised and skilled service is ever growing. Speaking from the perspective of Bluebird Care Epping and Harlow, we currently operate a waiting list for new enquiring customer’. This is because our current care assistants are unable to work any harder or longer than they are already working. We now face a simple but challenging task, to encourage significantly more individuals in our local community to embark on a career in care, while retaining our current team players. We are hopeful that by raising our hourly rate, we can attract skilled individuals who may be looking for a career change, individuals who need to earn a particular amount to cover childcare fee’s or perhaps entice individuals to come our of retirement for some part-time care hours.

In addition to increasing our hourly rate Bluebird Care Territory also offer a range of other Benefits such as a health cover cash back scheme, 28day paid holiday, discounted vehicle check’s, discounts at local stores and restaurant, as well as a team who cares about you and your loved one’s involving them in our regular online and in person events.

We know that Health and Social Care currently is facing an exceptionally challenging time at present, however at Bluebird Care we stand positive, strong, and remain confident, with fantastic pay rates and the opportunity to for long term career progression in a supportive, family run service.  The country is finally recognising the dedication and commitment of the Care Assistants across the sector, and it’s being proudly reflected e.g. through “clap for carers” in the pandemic, and the broadcast of some of the difficulties we face highlighted in National and Local News Bulletins, and were insightfully portrayed recently in Ed Balls “Care in Crisis” 2-part series.  

If you are thinking about a career in care, then there has never been a better time to join our Bluebird Care Epping and Harlow team. Please visit our career opportunities web page. 

To find out more about our Bluebird Care Epping and Harlow team, please visit our homepage. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Bluebird Care Epping and Harlow Team!