A Career With A Difference

Published: 22/05/2019

At Bluebird Care we are constantly looking for new people to join our caring family. Being part of our dedicated team is immensely rewarding, but requires you to be both attentive and professional.Whether you have years of experience or none at all, a career with Bluebird Care is rewarding for all. 

At Bluebird Care we are proud to be different, we constantly work so hard to ensure all of our staff are rewarded for their continuous hard work. As we know each individual is different we have many different ways of rewarding our care staff. Some care staff prefer to be rewarded via our carer of the month award, or a promotion along their career path way. Whilst others may prefer to be rewarded by an increase in their contracted hours or added to our private health benefit scheme. Whoever you are we will ensure you are rewarded in a way which is best for you. 

So our rewards are great and personalised to you! But to gain these rewards we require care and compassion from you. At Bluebird Care it is essential we offer all our customers a personalised service, which is tailored to their own needs. Some of our customers will have very complexed needs and you will need additional training before attending these customers. Some of our other customers may just require you to make them a cup of tea and sit and have a chat. What ever the customers need, we expect our care assistant to treat all with the highest level of dignity and respect. 

To ensure you can give a professional level of care that you can be proud of we train all our care assistants through our very own training school. During training Tracy will teach you everything you need to know, from how to deal with physically and mentally disabled individuals to conducting a companionship visit. We ensure our training procedures are updated and reviewed regularly to ensure our future care assistants are as equipped as possible for their future career. After you complete your mandatory training we ensure you are supported throughout your first few visits. We allow you to shadow a senior member of our team in the community. This allows you to meet with the customers that you will later visit and ask the senior care assistant any questions you may have. After this we continue to invest in you and develop your skills, we offer opportunities for you to study for a QCF/NVQ qualification or gain specialist knowledge in a particular area of care. At Bluebird Care we are passionate about developing you as an individual and making you the best possible Care Assistant you can be. 

Aside from our great benefits and training schemes, we ask those who are considering a career in care to ask themselves one question. Are you an attentive and professional individual?
We like to ask this question as we believe our customers are really special and therefore only deserve the highest quality of care. When our Care Assistants visit our customers, they are making a huge impact on that individuals day. We ask our Care Assistants to recognise this and be attentive to all of our customers whilst holding a high level of professionalism, and that is the key to our success.

We only recruit people who are attentive, professional and passionate about care, as we believe our training process will equip you with all the intimate care knowledge you need. We offer great rewards to our care staff as they are simply an outstanding team. If you are interested in a career in care with a difference contact a friendly member of our team today.