We’re helping to build a new learning hub for the under 18s!

Published: 22/09/2021

We've donated £2000 to build a learning hub to help the young children.

Many years ago, before Jane and John started with Bluebird Care Edinburgh, the pair used to foster children. For them, they wanted to give back and change young people’s lives. 

In 2007, Jane was trying to find home care for her granny and felt disappointed by the quality of home care available and that’s when she started her journey with Bluebird Care Edinburgh. John was able to take the lead on the care of the children but then once the children that were staying with them were safely returned to their parents or moved into permanent foster care, they were unable to take on anymore due to how quickly Bluebird Care had expanded. The couple hoped that they could have done both, but foster children need complete support and dedication to help them thrive which Jane and John felt they couldn’t then provide and would be unfair on the children. Whilst the couple can’t take on any more children, Harmeny is still a charity close to their hearts. They still wish to give back to the charity and do what they can to help other children in one form or another. When Jane heard of the appeal for “builders” to help create a new learning hub she couldn’t wait to tell John and get involved.  The pair recently donated £1000 personal funds and £1000 from Bluebird Care to purchase two bricks. 

Harmeny is reaching out to individuals and businesses across Scotland to raise these vital funds to build a new Learning Hub that will provide the skills, space and support young people in Scotland need to thrive. Each brick will enable more young people to discover their potential and extend the support up to the age of 18. If you would like to support this amazing charity, there’s plenty of ways to get involved, simply follow the link below:


It is a fantastic charity that currently supports children aged 5-14 from all over Scotland. The children they support have been in care from a very young age and as you can imagine, they have suffered significant abuse, neglect and family disruption. Due to this, they’ve never had the consistency within their life which has developed huge, complex social and behavioural needs. The children struggle to manage their emotions and require extra educational support. 

If Harmeny can raise £1.95 million, they will be able to create a learning hub that will help them to support children up to the age of 18 and allow them to receive more 1-2-1 and thorough educational support to help them thrive in life. We want them to be able to develop skills to set them on the right path for the future. 

Harmeny is an incredible charity and it is one that is so close to our hearts. Our donation feels tiny in the grand scheme of things but John and I will be continually looking at ways that we can support them. We’re still in touch with the children we fostered all those years ago which is heart-warming as we can see the impact we made on their lives.

Jane Perry