We’ve Hired Quality Ambassadors

Published: 10/08/2021

We’ve hired two Quality Ambassador’s into our team to ensure we maintain high-quality care whilst supporting our team and customers.

Quality is something we pride ourselves on here at Bluebird Care Edinburgh. It all started when we began looking for care for a loved one back in 2008 and feeling disappointed by the quality of home care available. We now look to deliver care as if we are looking after our family members. 

When you look after lots of people in the community it can be difficult to maintain these standards so we’re always looking for ways to be innovative so that we can take the pressure off our team whilst still maintaining ‘Excellent’ standards. That’s why we’ve decided to implement Quality Ambassador’s into Bluebird Care Edinburgh.

Montanna joined us as Care Assistant back in August 2019 but shortly after she left us. She realised her love for Bluebird Care Edinburgh and got in touch. After a conversation, we realised the Quality Ambassador role was ideal for her.

I am excited to be doing this role of Quality Ambassador as I like to make people smile. My passion lies with supporting staff and customers to ensure everyone is happy and receives the best quality support. I look forward to seeing where the role takes me and how it develops!


Russell only joined us in June and over the past few months it was clear to us how amazing he is as a Care Assistant. For this reason, it was an obvious choice to promote Russell from Care Assistant to Quality Ambassador. 

I am excited to be in a position to support both new customers and carers alike at Bluebird and to quickly meet their needs and expectations


The role will cover two elements:

  1. Both Montana and Russell will look after Care Assistants within their first 12 weeks with us to help them adjust to their new role. They can also support our Care Assistants that need a little bit of support from time to time. 
  2. They will also support our customers during their first 4 weeks. This helps our customers to onboard with us nice and smoothly. Each individual has unique needs and for this reason, this additional support will ensure that our customers' needs are met and adjusted accordingly. 
  3. Risks and feedback will be flagged to supervisors so that we can continually understand trends to be able to improve. 

This role is an exciting opportunity and I’m pleased to see how Montana/Russell can make a difference to our team. I’m always looking for ways to improve but I think it is extremely important that we focus on our team as well as our customers. A happy and supported team provides better results.

Jane Perry, Director of Bluebird Care Edinburgh