UK Older Peoples Day: 1st October

Published: 22/05/2019

Bluebird Care Eastbourne and Wealden will be celebrating the Older peoples Day at The Good Life Show.....

UK Older People’s Day is to celebrate what the older generations have done to influence our modern society. Throughout the country, a range of activities are taking place on October 1st to celebrate the occasion – some short, fun activities such as coffee mornings to longer festivals and carnivals lasting a few days or even throughout the entire month of October! A number of organisations are helping to promote this day and to create a stronger message. The day is being celebrated on social media sites using the hashtag #FullofLife.

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If you are in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas you may be interested in supporting East Sussex Senior Forum and Age Concern Eastbourne at The Good Life Show on this day. See more in formation here.
The United Nations also observes The International Day of Older Persons which was created 25 years ago as a day to celebrate the contribution that older people have had and the role that they have had in creating the world we now live in. Various events are being held across the world. With an ageing population across the globe, the day is important for us to respect the changes that our older generations have made to make our society a better place for us to live in. With the older population expected to reach 1.4 billion by 2030, a strong focus on the day is to ‘Build the future we want’ in order to reflect the values of International Day of Older Persons into ourselves.
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