Double celebrations as we proudly announce Jodie Smith and Charlee Shaw have both been awarded ‘Employee of the Month’.

Jodie and Charlee have both been awarded for continually going above and beyond.


Jodie and Charlee have both been awarded for continually going above and beyond.

Jodie our ‘Employee of the Month’ for August 2021 has been with Bluebird Care since November 2014 and over the years she has shown loyalty and dedication to both her role, and each individual customer that we have cared for. Jodie always has the customers and carers needs and best interests at the forefront of her mind, even whilst struggling with her own health and having been under immense pressure in her own personal life.

In a recent event, a member of staff was involved in a car accident and due to the police advising there would be a 3 hour wait for an ambulance, Jodie went to the scene of the accident in her own time to take the injured care worker to hospital to ensure she could be thoroughly checked over and treated.

This is just one example of the numerous acts of kindness Jodie has demonstrated in going above and beyond 365 days a year.

This is amazing work Jodie and we thoroughly appreciate all that you do. It is a privilege to work alongside you.

Our ‘Employee of the Month’ for September 2021 is our newest recruit Charlee Shaw. Charlee has only been with us a very short time but is already a truly valued member of our team. Charlee’s communication with the office team is excellent and she is extremely proactive in reporting changes or concerns with customers, enabling us to respond in a timely manner to ensure we are meeting customers’ needs and providing the appropriate support. We have received some lovely comments of which one complementor expressed:

Charlee is very efficient, she goes above and beyond and takes time to ensure she communicates with J and ensures he is happy.

Daughter of J.M

Well Done Charlee – You are an excellent addition and it is great to have you on board the team.

Congratulations Jodie and Charlee – Thank you both for always going the extra mile, and all that you do to help Make A Difference to someone’s life. You are both a credit to our team and we are so very proud of you!!