Self-Care for Carers – 5 Top Tips

Caring can be a tough job and finding time for self-care can be difficult.


Caring can be a tough job and finding time for self-care can be difficult.

There so many practicalities to look after and often quite emotional elements to your role as a home care carer. At times it can be tough. Here are some top tips for looking after your own health and wellbeing while in the role of a carer.

Self Care
This doesn’t need to mean a whole new routine; sometimes the basics such as taking a little exercise, eating a healthy meal, or taking an hour for yourself can make a difference to your mindset.

Fresh air
Take yourself out for some fresh air perhaps a short walk during a break or a sit on a bench with a lovely view for a short time. Make sure you breath deeply and try to relax your body and mind.

Exercise prevents disease
Sometimes it’s difficult to take time for ourselves but exercise not only prevents disease but it ensures that we’re mentally and physically able to support those in our care. A friendly exercise class or even a regular walk or swim can help. Find the exercise that works for you personally.

A trouble shared is a trouble halved
Find some emotional support. You could talk to you line manager at work as they are responsible for supporting you to make sure your work/life balance is manageable. Otherwise, there are other options such as going to your GP or finding a counsellor to talk to. If you are an unpaid carer looking after a family member there are organisations such as The Carers Trust or Carers UK which can offer support.

Stay connected
Even a cuppa and a chat with someone can make a huge difference to your own mental health and wellbeing. Do something, for you, at least once a week if you’re able to!