Week 2 of our Eiffel Tower Walk

Second week of our virtual walk to Paris done.


Second week of our virtual walk to Paris done.

I think that it was Jon Bon Jovi who said "Oh we're half way there". For these purposes he rather spoiled it by then saying "we're livin' on a prayer", but for us, we will just take the first bit.

Two weeks into our walk we are about half way through and so far we have covered a lot of miles and been through a number of different places. Big thanks to the Bluebird Care offices in Oxford, Newbury and Winchester who have given us a wave in the last week as we have virtually passed through their territories.




This next week will see us pay a visit to Head Office of Bluebird Care in Waterlooville before heading for the coast. Really I suppose that we should be looking to cross the Channel at Dover so I can crowbar in something about Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover, but sadly our navigator has us heading for Newhaven instead.

We have had to dodge the showers and indeed some heavy rain this past week as we have clocked up miles around here to count towards our mileage needed to get to Paris. We do live in a beautiful country though and have seen some lovely things as we have been out on our walks.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the cause. We are making good progress in our target of £350, but still have some way to go. Please support us if you can.