We are Being Vaccinated

Published: 27/01/2021

With the rollout of vaccine to Health and Social Care workers, we are getting our staff vaccinated.

We are being vaccinated!


At Bluebird Care, we have never been more focused on our role of keeping our customers safe and protected within their own homes. In addition to our focus on also keeping our wonderful staff and care teams safe, we’re now working hard to encourage and promote the uptake of the covid-19 vaccination.


By offering support and encouragement to help promote the covid vaccination to our teams, across the UK, at Bluebird Care we know that we are playing our part in the fight against the pandemic.


We know that being vaccinated means you're much less likely to become ill with coronavirus and that the vaccines offered are licensed and approved and have gone through all the necessary stages of development to make them safe and effective.


“Offering our support and encouragement to our businesses and their local care teams is something we’re very proud,” says Neil Murray, Director of Care, Quality and Compliance. “Our collective responsibility is to keep our customers safe and protected and we’re now doing the same for our staff too.”


“Many of our teams across the UK have now had their first vaccinations and we’re immensely proud of them. Working together and in support of all of the businesses that are joining forces to combat the virus, we’re confident we can beat it.”


Becky was among the first of our team to get the vaccine at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley

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