Meet the team

Nicola Witt


Nicola comes to the Care profession having worked as a Solicitor for over 20 years. In her role as a Solicitor she was able to see at first hand how the lives of people could be enhanced significantly with the right care provision being made and just as importantly how the wrong care could hold people back.

With Bluebird Care Dudley, Wyre Forest and Malvern Hills, she is able to put into practice what she has seen in her career as a Solicitor. Her time in the law also means that she has experience of running a business and a team of people, to ensure that everyone is working together to achieve the goal of providing excellent care.

Adrian Witt

Director and Senior Spider Wrangler

Adrian comes to the company having spent over 20 years in the legal profession as a Solicitor.

As well as years of experience as a solicitor he is quite tall, which can be useful in the office. He is also not afraid of spiders and he is therefore able to fulfil a vital office role; that of being able to go into the cupboard and to get unwanted spiders from the office. He can also handle a Daddy Long-Legs at the right time of the year.

Adrian can also make tea and coffee.

Every office should have one.

Francesca Wrigley

Care Manager

Francesca started working in care at the age of 23/24 after returning from backpacking around Australia working with horses. Following the loss of a close family member, she decided care was the career she wanted. She started working for a domiciliary care company earning her NVQ 2 and NVQ 3 and eventually worked her way into the office as a care manager/coordinator. Francesca then gained her QCF Level 5 in Leadership and Management, both of which were awarded with outstanding. 

One of Francesca's biggest priorities is progressing Bluebird Care Dudley, Wyre Forest & Malvern Hills and ensuring a welcoming environment for care staff and a high level of service to everyone who comes in contact with our company.

Francesca owns a small holding and lives on a canal boat and in her spare time loves caring for her many animals. Francesca has 4 horses, 8 chickens, 4 cats, a german shepherd, and her recently purchased therapy donkey, Dotty! She also does endurance, cross country, and trap riding with her horses.

Grace Cunningham

Marketing Manager

Grace joined the company in August of 2021 after spending the past year travelling around Australia. She brings to the company marketing experience, new ideas, enthusiasm, and a lovely Scottish accent.

Grace will be keeping you up-to-date on everything that is going on at Bluebird Care Dudley, Wyre Forest and Malvern hills across our various social media channels, making sure that you do not miss a thing.

She is also here to help the senior spider wrangler, Adrian, in his duties as she has had a lot of experience with creepy crawlies in Australia.

Outside of work, Grace loves going to the gym and listening to 80s music. If you see her out and about, snapping pictures of our care assistants and singing some Whitney, make sure to stop and say hello.


Sophie Masters

Care Supervisor

Sophie has been with the company since 2018 and in that time she has consistently demonstrated a real aptitude for the different roles that she has undertaken.


We were lucky to prize Sophie away from a possible life as an academic, as there are not many people in the company with a First Class degree. 


Her current role is that of Care Supervisor, but she has done a number of roles within the company in her time. She is irrepressably cheerful and is always a welcome and calming presence in the office - we are indeed lucky to have her in the company.

Katie Wilson

Care Co-ordinator

Katie first joined the team in December 2019 and demonstrated very quickly that she was a very dependable team member, showing real dedication and hard work in the field. When the business was expanding and looking for a Care Co-ordinator, Katie was one of a number of very strong candidates for the role.


She has settled into the office very well, despite the unususal circumstances that we face at the moment, but her enthusiasm and ability to pick up new things quickly more than make up for the comedy error of having posted a letter from the office, back to the office and so while it was the loss of the customers that she had been visiting, it was very much our gain in the office, when Katie joined the office team.


Katie has also recently demonstrated a considerable aptitude for DIY. Indeed any jobs in the office that require a hammer, screwdriver or other potentially dangerous tools are very much Katie's sphere. She kept this quiet on her CV, but it is a most welcome talent.


Adrian Witt, Director and Spider Wrangler, said "It is great having Katie in the office, although I was not prepared for the frequent demands on the stationery budget, but these have been a small price to pay for the benefit of having Katie with us in the office."

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