Meet the team

Nicola Witt


Nicola comes to the Care profession having worked as a Solicitor for over 20 years. In her role as a Solicitor she was able to see at first hand how the lives of people could be enhanced significantly with the right care provision being made and just as importantly how the wrong care could hold people back.

With Bluebird Care Dudley, Wyre Forest and Malvern Hills, she is able to put into practice what she has seen in her career as a Solicitor. Her time in the law also means that she has experience of running a business and a team of people, to ensure that everyone is working together to achieve the goal of providing excellent care.

Adrian Witt

Director and Senior Spider Wrangler

Adrian comes to the company having spent over 20 years in the legal profession as a Solicitor.

As well as years of experience as a solicitor he is quite tall, which can be useful in the office. He is also not afraid of spiders and he is therefore able to fulfil a vital office role; that of being able to go into the cupboard and to get unwanted spiders from the office. He can also handle a Daddy Long-Legs at the right time of the year.

Adrian can also make tea and coffee.

Every office should have one.

Victoria Catalano

Care Manager

Vicky started at Bluebird Care Dudley, Wyre Forest & Malvern Hills in 2018 as a care supervisor. She then flew the nest and progressed to Care Manager at a residential home. Vicky managed the care home throughout COVID before returning to us. We are thrilled to have Vicky back as she truly is an asset to the team!


When asking Vicky what her favourite part of her role is, she explained to us how she loves that she is still a care giver and can still be out in the community. She finds it important to be part of this amazing team we have here and how going out in the community herself allows her to feel more integrated at Bluebird Care Dudley, Wyre Forest & Malvern Hills.


In her spare time, you can find Vicky going on lovely long walks with her beautiful dog, Alfie. This office is quickly filling up with these four-legged friends.

Abby Walford

Marketing Manager

Abby is a keen marketing enthusiast, which is proven through her academic history. Abby spent 3 years studying her business degree to then decided to carry on that exciting journey by completing her master's degree in marketing management (extremely fitting for her role!).


Abby's hobbies include fitness, more specifically, CrossFit! She also loves reading and travelling! Abby spent a month prior to this role travelling around Spain.


Abby has expressed how she is looking forward to visiting the vital team member 'Kira the Giraffe' at Dudley Zoo and will be paying her a visit very shortly!

Emma Hussey

Care Coordinator

With 5 years of care experience, we are excited for Emma to bring her skills to Bluebird Care Dudley, Wyre Forest & Malvern Hills. Before working in care, Emma previously worked in retail for 16 years, so she is not a stranger to interacting with people!


Emma started in care when she wanted a career change. Emma soon fell in love with care and progressed quickly to care administrator, then became a manager. She loves her job and finds it incredibly rewarding. We are thrilled to have her bring fresh ideas and a wealth of knowledge to Bluebird Care.


In Emma's spare time, she loves quality time with her family and walking her adorable cockapoo, Bentley (we already adore Bentley!).

Edwin Mills

Care Supervisor

Ed has been with Bluebird Care Dudley, Wyre Forest & Malvern Hills for 2 years and was recently promoted to Care Supervisor! Prior to starting at Bluebird Care as a care assistant, Ed spent 10 years in security and a further 3 years as a forklift instructor. 


Ed's biggest priority in being a care supervisor is enabling people to get the right care they need in the comfort of their own homes.


Outside of work, Ed has a few special hobbies. You can find him at festivals and small gatherings, diving into live action role play. Another hobby of Ed's includes airsoft, so definitely keep an eye out!


Ed also makes a great cup of tea!

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