Local homecare provider ‘goes the extra mile’ with compassionate care

Published: 10/09/2020

As we get older, life starts to slow down and often that leads loneliness – one of the greatest challenges facing our community today!

As we get older, life starts to slow down and often that leads loneliness – one of the greatest challenges facing our community today!

It’s because of this that a local homecare provider is offering companionship as part of its award-winning care services.

The aim of Bluebird Care’s companionship service is to ensure that each individual can feel confident that someone is there to support them - both emotionally and physically.

Dean Slade, Managing Director of Bluebird Care Croydon, commented, “Older, vulnerable people are more likely to feel loneliness and isolation which can lead to a serious impact on a person’s mental wellbeing and health.

A recent report from Age UK highlighted that more than 2 million people over the age of 75 live alone and more than 1 million go without speaking to a friend, family member or neighbour for more than a month.

Companions can help prevent loneliness and ensure that the individual is happy, healthy and leading a stimulating life in the comfort of their own home. It also gives peace of mind to their relatives, that their loved one is being taken care of.”

The Bluebird Care care assistant becomes a trusted companion who can help those being cared for to feel socially engaged in their own home, as well as accompanying them on visits with friends, family, and to other social events.

Bluebird Care’s companionship services over a wide range of activities such as:

  • General companionship and conversation
  • Emotional support
  • Cooking and sharing meals
  • Help with weekly shopping
  • Joining in with the individual’s favourite hobbies
  • Help with general domestic tasks (cleaning, laundry etc.)
  • Help with travel arrangements
  • Driving the individual to where they would like to go
  • Arranging and accompanying the customer to and from appointments
  • Planning outings and visits

Dean added: “The Companionship Care service is even more poignant now due to the coronavirus pandemic; it helps to reduce isolation and improve mental wellbeing.”

If you’d like to know more about the Bluebird Care Companionship Service, please visit the Bluebird Care Croydon website: www.bluebirdcare.co.uk/croydon

Bluebird Care is a leading, award-winning provider of home and live-in care, specialising in working with customers who live with dementia, physical disabilities and many other acute and chronic conditions. Bluebird Care works alongside their customers’ families, social services and the NHS to ensure each person receives the care they need.

Bluebird Care offers a unique service of tailored care visits which range from anything from 30 minutes to full live-in support. As well as personal care they also help with meal preparation, welfare checks, shopping, social trips, visits to the hospital and provide extra support for post-discharge customers.

For more details contact Bluebird Care by calling 020 8686 9496, emailing croydon@bluebirdcare.co.uk, or by visiting their website  www.bluebirdcare.co.uk/croydon/contact-us