Care as a career

At Bluebird Care Coleraine, our care staff are the heart of our business. These are stories by our staff about why they chose to work in homecare, and how they have progressed through the Career Journey. Read some of the special stories our staff have to tell about their experiences working for Bluebird Care Coleraine.

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Karen's Story

I started working as a part-time community care assistant when I was a student at University, but when I finished my degree I left the care sector behind me to explore other options.  Even though I had tried different career paths, I always believed I belonged in the care sector and I returned to University to study a post-graduate degree in Social Work. On completing my Social Work degree I worked at Bluebird Care as a community care assistant whilst waiting for a Social Work position, but 6 years later I am still with Bluebird Care.

Soon after I joined Bluebird Care as a community care assistant, I gained promotion to the role of care co-ordinator.  During my time as care co-ordinator I built relationships with the community staff, customers, their families and other health professionals. As a people person, I enjoyed the daily contact with people and the satisfaction I got from ensuring that all our customers were receiving the high standard of care they required and deserved. 

After having worked as care co-ordinator for 5 years, I was offered the opportunity to progress further with the company in a Marketing and PR role.  I was excited to embrace a new direction within the company and having worked to Bluebird Care for over 5 years, I believed that I had the knowledge of the business to fulfil the role. 

I was apprehensive about changing roles as I had no formal experience in marketing but as I am always up for a challenge I accepted the new position.  Whilst starting my new role in Marketing and PR, I also started studying towards a PQ in Digital Marketing which I have now completed.  This qualification helped me immensely in understanding my new role and the business from a different perspective along with the new goals I was set on achieving. 

In the beginning I found the transition from co-ordinator to marketing manager quite difficult as I had to pull back from the daily operations of the business to a more ‘behind the scenes’ role and I also had to view the business from a different perspective. I have now been in the marketing role for 9 months and I am really enjoying it.  I have still maintained my contact with people but it is now from a networking prospective and my job is made easier through the passion I hold for the business and the services we offer. 

I enjoy working in a caring, supportive and professional environment and I am proud to be part of and promoting Bluebird Care Coleraine.  

Tracy's Story

When I finished school I went to Technical College to study a Level 3 in Health and Social Care.  I knew from my very first placement in this course that the care sector was where I belonged.  After successfully gaining my qualifications, I went straight into working in the nursing care setting where I remained for 18 years.

After working in the nursing care for 18 years, the latter part of this time I worked as a senior carer, I felt that it was time for a change, but I knew I couldn’t see myself working in any other job.  I explored my options and I decided to apply for the position in Bluebird Care as a community care assistant.

My application was successful and in December 2013 I started my post with Bluebird Care.  At first, I didn’t know if I had made the right decision of moving from the nursing care setting out to the community as I found it difficult to find my feet and adjust from working in one place for a whole shift to being out and about in different homes.  After a number of weeks my confidence had grown, my awareness of the areas had increased and my relationships with the customers and other care assistants had been established and at that point I knew I had made the right decision.

I was extremely happy working as a community care assistant but in May 2016 a position for supervisor within the company had become available and after some consideration I decided to apply for the position thinking to myself, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

I have been in my new role as a supervisor for 6 months and I enjoy the new challenges it brings.  I find myself working alongside and liaising with other Health Care professionals in ensuring that all the needs of our customers are being met.  I work alongside our community care assistants to ensure that they are practising to the best of their ability in a safe and dignified manner and it is also my responsibility to accompany new care assistants during their shadowing and I take pride in passing on my knowledge and skills.  

I am proud to work in a team that puts the customer at the forefront of their practice, but also recognises the value of investing in well-trained, supported and professional care assistants.