7 Reasons to Start a Career with Us

  1. You can #MakeADifference

The best part of being a Care Assistant is making a difference to people’s lives. Enabling people to stay in their own home, and, assisting and supporting them to complete everyday tasks many people take for granted.  Connecting with Customers, and for some you could be the only person they will see that day.  No matter how big or small the tasks you do, it all makes a difference to someone.


  1. Job Satisfaction

Working in the care sector is immensely rewarding.  Knowing that every day you go to work YOU are helping and supporting others. The role of a care assistant is not always easy, and the things you do ‘are all in a day’s work’, but knowing your work is valued by Customers and families is the greatest sense of satisfaction.  We are proud of our Care Assistants and the difference they make to many people.

  1. Variety Everyday

With care at home, each day can bring something different.  Each and every Customer has their own individual needs, their visits are at different times, and, they require different tasks to be completed.  Although you may visit the same Customers many times a week, there will always have a different story to tell.  A healthy balance of variety and routine keeps the job interesting.  


  1. Flexibility

Care at home can offer flexible work patterns.  Full-time and part-time hours are available across a variety of shifts, working together to achieve a healthy work/home life balance.

  1. Job Security

Our population is ageing, everyday there are advances in health care, and, people’s increasing desire to stay in their own home are all factors in the growing demand for social care.  As the demand for social care grows, so does our need to expand our team with caring and compassionate people.

  1. #CareAtHome as a Career

Working in the care sector is a vocation and it offers great opportunities for a successful career, new opportunities can be ‘just around the corner’.  As a Care Assistant you will gain valuable insight, acquire knowledge and skills through training, and, learn other transferable skills that you can carry with you.  At every opportunity we seek ways to enhance your learning and development.

  1. Support

Although our Care Assistants work in the community away from our office, support is always available.  Someone will always be there to help, should that be another Care Assistant, our Supervisors, Office staff, and of course our out-of-hours.  We recognise the value of each and every staff member to our team, and supporting staff is always our priority.

If you would like to find out more about our Care Assistant vacancies call us on (028) 7035 6224 or APPLY NOW