RQIA Inspection 2018

We have recently received our inspection report from the Regulatory and Quality Improvement Agency (RQIA) following our announced inspection in November 2018. 

The RQIA is the independent body responsible for monitoring and inspecting the quality and availability of health and social care services in Northern Ireland.  It is also responsible for encouraging improvements within these services.

We are very proud that this is the fourth consecutive year where the overall outcome of the inspection reported that there were

"no areas of improvement identified during the inspection......there was evidence of good practice found throughout the inspection."

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The report contained positive comments from the Inspector:

"Discussions with Staff indicated they had the appropriate knowledge and skills to fulfil the requirements of their job roles."

"The UCO was advised by all of the relatives spoken to that they had no concerns regarding the safety of care being provided by the Bluebird Care agency."

"All of the relatives spoken to by the UCO indicated that care provided was compassionate; they advised that care workers treat them and the service users with dignity and respect."

"Examples of good practices identified throughout the inspection in relation to the provision of individualised, compassionate care and the effective engagement with service users and where appropriate the relatives."

Customer comments to the RQIA representative (UCO) included:

"They work with us to provide the care necessary for XXX"

"XXX looks forward to them coming.  They’re fantastic"

"Great support and advice from the Supervisor"

"Gives me peace of mind that someone calls regularly with XXX and will contact me if anything is wrong"