A thank you to Henry

Published: 25/05/2016

Henry the Bluebird Care dog has been having trouble lately with wobbly legs due to painful arthritis.  He is approaching the grand old age of 13 and has reluctantly taken the decision to retire from active working.  We want to take this opportunity to thank Henry for his all his hard work and to wish him a very well deserved retirement.

Henry has enjoyed working for Bluebird Care with visits  to customers and to St Johns Church coffee club where he has enjoyed making new friends and getting lots of  pats and the occasional biscuit.
Henry has been a popular member of staff in the Bluebird Care office and has worked enthusiastically to ensure a regular supply of biscuits come his way.  His favourite method involves standing next to his colleague’s desk and staring intently until the desk drawer is opened and a treat produced – Tina and Chris being especially targeted for his attention due to the exciting contents of their desks!

He has also been very diligent about recycling food waste left in the bins around the office and should anyone have sandwiches for lunch, they find they have suddenly acquired a  new best friend.
As mentioned on our Facebook page Henry has recruited a new apprentice called Bertie.  He has a lot to learn from Henry and we will keep you updated on his progress......