Our Values

Because values drive culture...

We believe that values drive culture


To our mind, happy employees = happy customers.

Life would be boring if the only ice cream was vanilla and it's the same for people.  We employ all colours, shapes, sizes and persuasions but the one thing they all have in common is they are great people, worth their weight in gold who share our values... and by the way, we never value profit over people.

The service from yourself and your team has been impeccable. The staff call my mother 'Mum' and within that simple decision resides the ethos of their care.

Real care, delivered properly, is so much more than just a series of tasks.  Instead, it’s building relationships and going above and beyond what is expected, exceeding expectations wherever possible to deliver a service you can trust.   

We have a reputation for being excellent employers delivering excellent care.  It's what we are all about.

How can you make Bluebird Care service better? You can’t, everything is perfect!

We are the experts

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