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At Bluebird Care Clapham and Streatham we offer a personal, professional service to you and your family. We are determined to deliver the best possible care for every single person and are delighted when we receive positive feedback from our customers, their families and friends.

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You took the pressure off us as a family. Thank you.

Thank you for organizing my fathers care so well.  His care needs were complex and the hours of care needed were grueling and ever changing.  You were able to accommodate these changes and didn’t make anything feel too difficult.

I was happy when I saw the carers were keeping my son entertained, well looked after, comfortable and in charge of what he was able to take charge of, his care.  They did his hair, they dressed him in his choice of clothes even though he was in bed all day, watched TV with him, kept him in touch with the outside world, shared tales from different parts of the world.   It was humbling yet heartbreaking to see he was making such close friendships with each of his carers, and the bond was probably stronger than any other friendship he may have ever had.  He may not have met or befriended these people otherwise.  He left this world with so much more.  I cannot thank the Bluebird team enough.  Not only did they care for my son, they cared for me too.

The darkest days of my life were taken care of by the lovely people at Bluebird Care.  I lost my son to cancer last year.  I wasn’t able to care or help him in the state that I was, knowing my son was nearing his end.  

Thank you Bluebird Care, you really made a difference.

When dad passed away, the care staff and supervisors were all visibly upset and I thought that was amazing.  They developed a bond with dad that is so unique. They definitely became part of his family.

The carers really were so kind and almost took over all the things I was struggling with.  They saw how distressed I was.  I was so relieved when it was time for their visit and anxiously waited for them to arrive.  They brought a bit of sunshine with them, a bit of a relief, a respite almost. 

Thank you so much. Mum is doing really well now and it is so endearing to see her comfortable with her live-in carer.   They do everything together.

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