Meet the team

Karina Corden


I’m sure like most people I had no experience of ‘homecare’ until my dad George, whom I adored, became seriously ill.  I’d always believed him to be invincible and it was a complete shock to me to find out he was a mere mortal like the rest of us… and so began a very emotional journey with some good and not so good care along the way and sadly for our family, no happy ending.
I experienced for myself the huge impact care from a stranger has, not only on the person receiving the support but the wider family too.  And so I decided to stand up and be counted and that’s where Bluebird Care Wandsworth was born in 2011.  My background lent itself perfectly to the skills I needed to establish an organization that could make a positive difference to others who live in the same community as me.
Expanding our ‘care family’ more recently (2017) to cover our neighbouring Borough of Lambeth is a natural progression in our ongoing journey.  It’s unbelievably rewarding to spend each day making someone else’s and to have a team working for me who share the same values and standards. 
Our care is different. It goes far beyond companionship and ticking off tasks.  We are determined to give our customers the very best care at home available - the sort of care I wanted for my dad.  We spend an enormous amount of time and attention in selecting the right people to join our team. Those who make the grade are trained to standards that exceed those of any other home care company in the area. They receive continuous training and development to make sure they meet the most exacting standards and offer the most effective care. We help our customers face many health challenges including all kinds of dementia, stroke, brain injury, MND, MS and Parkinson's among a full range of neurological conditions.

We are part of the nationally renowned Bluebird Care, the country’s market leader and foremost provider of private care-at-home.
This means that whilst my team are local, with the all-important ‘local’ company feel and friendly personal service, we benefit from the support structure of a respected and award winning national organization with systems in place to ensure unparalleled standards of care – something a smaller individual local business couldn’t hope to match.


Business Manager

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Registered Manager

I can’t imagine doing anything else!
I’m from Portugal where we have a strong sense of family and a genuine respect for our elders. In Portugal I worked for the Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s Society to develop a project within social nursing care and later on, in the Portuguese Social Services.  
I moved to the UK to both further my career and also reach more individuals with medium, high and complex needs, assessing patients in a Nursing Home and then a prestigious Live-In and Domiciliary Care setting before joining Karina and Neil at Bluebird Care. Along the way I met and married a lovely English gentleman called Paul who supports my work commitment and care goals.
It’s a pleasure to work alongside such like-minded people; sharing a passion for what we do and a commitment to continually grow and learn new things.  I’m not surprised we are known to be leaders in our field, rather than followers.  We share an almost ‘old fashioned’ Customer service approach – going above and beyond what is expected of us – something which is so often lacking these days.  It’s gratifying to change lives for the better.  Really listening and taking into account all aspects of the person’s life and how they want to live it and then making it happen.  Enabling them to live the life they want, no matter what their age, ability or circumstance.  This satisfies the fire in my Mediterranean heart!  I don’t think there can be a more rewarding career than this and certainly, I believe that, done in the right way, nothing is impossible!
I confess to being a bit of a workaholic however in my downtime, I love travelling.  I speak Spanish, Portuguese and French fluently and I’m currently working on perfecting my Italian!
Care is in my soul and my way to give light to life!


Recruitment Manager

Working for Bluebird Care, I realised immediately that looking for Care Assistants was a much more personal experience than I had had before in my career.

While I am familiar with the reality of having someone you love looked after by less than committed strangers, I now have the opportunity to make a difference in this for other people.

Becoming a Care Assistant is not something that only training can create.  Finding the wonderful people, who have the natural warmth, empathy and initiative to provide the support, encouragement and care that makes the difference to each individual, is challenging and intense.

I am usually the first contact and so I get to know every carer who comes to us individually. Sara our Care Manager conducts the second interview and then each successful person is invited to join us to train, as if we were choosing for someone personally important to us.

I support the new carers during training and watch them become respected and vital members of our team. Training is ongoing and most visit the office often, sometimes for updates and sometimes just to chat in the warm, friendly atmosphere of the office.

It gives me an enormous boost that I have a part to play in enabling people to remain at home in familiar surroundings in a dignified way. That the ladies and gentlemen that I first chatted to by phone, email and at recruitment events are making such a difference to so many people’s lives.

Outside of work, I’m a busy wife and mum, spending much of my time supporting my two beautiful daughters with their sport, dancing and singing. My own interests include travelling, dancing, listening to music, reading and cooking!  

I love being around family and friends and I include my work colleagues in that! I feel very lucky; I have a wonderful family and a great job.


Customer Supervisor

I started my care journey as a Care Assistant over 20 years ago and joined Bluebird Care in 2012.  
I love what I do.  I’m a naturally caring person and so for me, this job is really rewarding as I get to see what a difference we make to the quality of peoples’ lives.  I am dedicated to helping people and making their lives at home easier.
I love that through my role I regularly visit and speak to my customers and so I develop real relationships with them.  For me, the customer is always the most important person and I make sure I accommodate their needs and give advice to make them as comfortable as possible in their own homes.


Office Administrator & Training Assistant

As a child and young adult, I took care of my parents who are both disabled. This experience made me very aware and sensitive to peoples’ needs and the difficulties involved in caring for people you love from a very young age. 
I became a professional carer and then an Au Pair for a boy with autism and this reignited in me, the need to care for people.  I spent the next decade caring for older people and adults with special needs. 
I joined Bluebird Care in 2015 and I am on the next step of my journey.  I enjoy my job as I know that I am still making a difference, albeit in the background.  I love being part of the team and because I have a keen eye for detail and a patient manner for imparting knowledge, I know that I make a valuable contribution to ensuring our care services are run smoothly and professionally.