SAP Training at Bluebird Care

Published: 13/02/2024

Bluebird Care Reinforces Commitment to Excellence Through Comprehensive Staff Training

In an unwavering dedication to delivering quality home care services, Bluebird Care understands the critical role of comprehensive staff training as an integral component of the onboarding process.

Why training matters:

Bluebird Care recognises that the quality of care provided to clients is directly linked to the skills and knowledge of its staff. Therefore, the company provides a robust training program that covers a wide array of essential topics, ranging from moving and handling, personal care, medication, information and governance, induction and orientation, fire safety, care standards, basic life support and the important of safeguarding.

Regular updates on industry standards, emerging best practices, and advanced care techniques are provided to ensure that the staff remains at the forefront of the home care sector.


From Day One:

Newly recruited staff members undergo an intensive onboarding process that includes hands-on training, theoretical modules to prepare them for the challenges of home care environment. Emphasising empathy and personalised care, the training equips employees with the skills needed to establish strong connections with customers and provide care that goes beyond just meeting their physical needs.

By prioritising comprehensive staff training, Bluebird Care is not only investing in the professional development of its employees but also reinforcing its commitment to providing exceptional home care services.


What training you’ll undergo at Bluebird Care:


Basic life support

Fire safety

Moving and handling

Care standards

Induction orientation

Personal care

Information Governance


Bluebird Care places a strong emphasis on continuous learning throughout an employee's employment