NHS Knitted Angels - So Proud!

Published: 15/10/2021

The office team were so surprised with their thoughtful gift from our Senior Carer Jessica. It brought a smile to the team and a sense of pride.

A delivery arrived in the office which brought the team a surprise.  It was 3 knitted angels from a group called NHS Knitted Angels (KABS2020).  This group are a charity of people who take nominations for 'angels' and then knit them to order.  These are then posted out to the people who deserve them with a lovely note that reads:

'Somebody wanted to fly an angel to you, now name the next person we can fly to.  This angel symbolises hope and protections.  We hope you never forget how special you are.'

Rebecca (Director), Nerys (Deputy Care Manager) and Irene (Coordinator) were all touched by the lovely angels.  Thank you to Jessica for nominating them.  

Who could be next??