Cupcakes for all!

Published: 04/07/2019

Bluebird Care support the Alzheimer's Society National Cupcake Day and raise £372!

What an AMAZING CUPCAKE day! All of the office team were busy baking the most delicious cupcakes to sell.  We had all sorts from red velvet to crispy cakes to chocolate brownies and many more!  We set the stall up in our entrance and engaged with everyone in the local community who walked passed.  We even engaged with the local car garage and the bowling club across the road!  Everyone was really engaging and made generous donations.  The cake sale raised £272 and the Director has added another £100 making a total of £372!!! Thank you to all who baked, supported and donated! We are sure the Alzheimer's Society will be pleased 😀💙😀 We certainly had a great day hosting it and are looking forward to another one next year!