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There are 3 carers out of the small team who care for my brother who are especially AMAZING.  Thank you to everyone and everything you do for him!”

Customer’s sister – March 2021

“Just wanted to say how lovely the Care Manager was and how happy and reassured my mother was when you left.  This is amazing as my mother was very reluctant to have any help at all.  Thank you.”

New Customer’s daughter – February 2021


“I am very with the care being provided.  I can’t stress enough how pleased I am with the service being given.”

Customer– February 2021


“I just wanted to say how happy we are with Bluebird Care.  My mother in law has settled well and has really warmed to one particular carers who is regular.  It has relieved the pressure from her son, my husband and myself.  We are overall very happy.  We haven’t seen her smile in a long time with a carer.”

Customer’s daughter in law – February 2021


“I am very very happy with my carer this morning.  She was really helpful as I wasn’t feeling too well, she brought me my breakfast in bed and made sure I had everything I needed to hand.  Thank you.”

Customer – February 2021


“The carers are always going above and beyond, they ask if there is anything that needs doing before they leave.  The carers are very good; always helpful, chatty and cheerful.”

Customer – February 2021



We are so very grateful for everything you do for mum.  We are so lucky to have such professional, caring and friendly people looking after her.

Customer’s son – February 2021

Thank you for finding Bluebird Care for us.  We want to compliment the lady who visited us to put the care plan together, we were very impressed.  Bluebird Care is wonderful, helpful and caring.

Customer’s son, via a Social Worker – February 2021

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of the team for the kindness shown to my dad.  He always talked fondly of the carers who visited him and without your care and amazing staff, dad would not have been able to remain at him.  I will never forget what you did to help dad.

Customer’s daughter – January 2021

I just wanted to thank all of you for all you have done for mum over the last few weeks, since she has started to have Bluebird Care carers.  It was a very stressful time for mum, my brother and me over the summer, from when mum had her first fall. It’s been so good to see mum much happier over these past few weeks and to see how she is eating well, regaining her confidence etc.

The carers are all so pleasant – professional, respectful of mum’s dignity, friendly, fun, happy to do any tasks mum asks them to ….. mum really enjoys their company, and I have also been so impressed by them when I’ve been there.  Having Bluebird Care has also meant that my brother and I can pick up the reins of our lives with work etc back at home which is a distance away from mum and we really appreciate that. Then for the days we are with mum, we can enjoy each other’s company, and not be all stressed.  I’m so glad that my friends recommended Bluebird Care to us.  Thank you.

Customer’s daughter – January 2021

I am staying with my daughter at the moment and needed some support with my personal care.  I am so impressed by the Bluebird carers who have been to see help me and I would like to take them back with me when I return home!  They are both lovely and have looked after me so well.

Customer – January 2021

Thank you to all of the carers for their amazing work.  They truly are the unsung heroes and heroins! I am very appreciative of the care they deliver.  It is like having an extended family.

Customer’s son – January 2021

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