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My experience with Bluebird Care during lockdown 2020

Caring is not for everybody, however, during this pandemic which hit the country with great speed, it became more important than ever.

The NHS was under pressure to save lives which had a knock-on effect on Care in the Community. It has been an amazing, sad, happy, fun and challenging time for everyone.

I left Bluebird Care back in 2017 to pursue my mobile hairdressing business but when lockdown started I decided to contact Bluebird Care to see if I could help during this uncertain time. It was on April 4th that I started my journey. The experience certainly kept my mind and body on full power. It was lovely to see Irene who I worked with in 2017, Irene is now doing an amazing job in the office, which is a bee hive of activity.

The carers I met were truly dedicated ladies as they kept on going day after day. I was planning to finish my time with Bluebird Care on June 7th as lockdown was slowly beginning to lift.  Although this was the plan, I have enjoyed it so much that I am going to continue to be a carer one day a week.  I really enjoy seeing the customers and making a difference.

If you are interested in becoming a carer then don’t hesitate to contact Rebecca in the office. Rebecca and the team will guide you through the process of what could be the start of a wonderful career.

Keep safe all Bluebirds,



I have found all the carers to be very well trained. They are respectful and kind. They also look after my little dog, which is a big load off my mind. It is useful having the same carer a number of times. They remember what needs to be done and also ask if there is anything extra they can do. They become more like friends. The care manager is very much in touch with what is going on and comes herself to care at certain times. The other carers speak well of her. She is not afraid to do the tasks herself.

New Customer – October 2019

Hello to you all, I just wanted to thank all of you for all you have done for mum over the last few weeks, since she has started to have Bluebird Care carers. It was a very stressful time for mum, my brother and me over the summer, from when mum had her first fall. It’s been so good to see mum much happier over these past few weeks and to see how she is eating well, regaining her confidence etc. The carers are all so pleasant – professional, respectful of mum’s dignity, friendly, fun, happy to do any tasks mum asks them to ….. mum really enjoys their company, and I have also been so impressed by them when I’ve been there. Having Bluebird Care has also meant that my brother and I can pick up the reins of our lives with work etc back at home which is a distance away from mum and we really appreciate that. Then for the days we are with mum, we can enjoy each other’s company, and not be all stressed. I’m so glad that my friends recommended Bluebird Care to us. Thank you.    

Customer's daughter - October 2019

We are so grateful for the support from the office team and carers at Bluebird Care. We wouldn’t have been able to cope without Bluebird Care’s assistance. We have been through a lot of stress coping with caring for our father, but knowing the level of care he was receiving was a great comfort. Thank you.

Customer’s son – October 2019

I found the Live-In carer to be very clear in what her duties were, she was very polite ad caring towards my wife. No task was too great, and she was always willing. When I left to go into hospital, I had no fear as to her ability to care for my wife. I would recommend her to any person looking for a carer to give peace of mind for their loved one.

Customer’s husband – October 2019             

Bluebird Care deliver care for my mum.  I just wanted to say that the carers are always lovely and delightful.  They are efficient and always keep everywhere tidy.  We are extremely impressed!  

Daughter of a customer – July 2019

I have had short term care from Bluebird Care and they were excellent.  They arrived when they were supposed to and altered times to suit me when required.  All the carers were polite and I enjoyed their company.  Many thanks to everyone at Bluebird Care.  

Customer - July 2019

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