Carer of the Year Awards

Published: 22/12/2018

Firstly, A HUGE thank you to our wonderful office staff, who, continually, go above and beyond.  You are amazing, and we really appreciate you!   We would also like to thank ALL! our wonderful carers who do a fantastic job every day!  

We spoke to managers, and customers. And, we had lots of nominations for the Carer of the Year awards, and, as always, it was a hugely difficult decision!
Chelsie and Lauren, would have been in the running, but have both been recently promoted.  Chelsie, to field supervisor and then quickly to Management Assistant, and Lauren to Field Supervisor.  CONGRATUALTIONS!!!
So, with this in mind, and, looking at all that you do…
We are very proud to say, the awards this year, go to:
  • Live-in Carer of the Year – Debbie
  • Gold Carer of the Year – Kirri
  • Silver Carer of the Year – Annie
  • Bronze Carer of the Year – Katie
Seasons Greetings to one and all.