Professional Care Worker’s Day 2019

Published: 04/09/2019

Bluebird Care Camden & Hampstead is celebrating all that is good about people who work in care with the second Professional Care Workers’ Day on the 4th of September.

Delivering care is a skilled and unique profession that deserves recognition, respect and celebration. The skills and expertise care workers deliver every day make a significant difference to the lives of people they work with and support. This is not always fully appreciated or understood until people experience the care first hand.

Hosted by the National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS), Professional Care Workers' Day is going to be a celebration of Care Workers who aim to deliver fantastic care each and every day.

We are going to shout out loud that care workers are skilled professionals who need to be respected and valued more. We want the industry to come together and applaud people that are there day in and day out, in the snow, scorching sun and pouring rain, at night, at Christmas and on Sundays. 

We aspire to making care workers feel special for the awe-inspiring work that they do.

Let's all come together to celebrate care workers!

You can find out more about Professional Care Worker’s Day here.

George Morris, Director of Bluebird Care Camden & Hampstead said:

At Bluebird Care Camden & Hampstead we are proud to support the second Professional Care Worker’s Day. Our care assistants go above and beyond, come rain or shine, and ask for very little in return. We are very proud to have them!

Get involved and celebrate by promote the initiative across your social media using the hashtag #ProfessionalCareWorkersDay.

If you're interested in care as a Care Assistant, please visit or careers' page or contact our Recruitment Manager Mary at 0207 449 0557.