Quality Training with Bluebird Care Calderdale: Trainee Care Assistants Feedback

Published: 16/02/2020

Hear from our recent trainees; read their feedback based on the training they have received from Bluebird Care Calderdale.

Every day is different in care; as you embark on your new career as a Care Assistant with Bluebird Care Calderdale we will support you with quality training from day one to ensure you are better equipped to provide the best care to our customers! Here is some feedback from our recent trainees at Bluebird Care Calderdale!

Fiona Davies

The benefits of training?

  • Been able to gain skills and knowledge on the job role in order to become confident in the care that is been delivered
  • Interactive learning with one another
  • Mistakes can be made now and rectified so they’re not made in the future

What I enjoyed about training?

  • Sharing knowledge and experience with others
  • Participating in practical activities

What makes it effective?

  • Range of techniques used. For example, writing, reading, pictures, diagrams, videos, practical sessions etc.
  • A number of examples used in order to relate the information to real life situations

Other positives

  • Kept light hearted despite some topics being upsetting to some 
  • Sandwiches!

Saira Gilani

The benefits of training?

I learned so much about different types of dementia and also the symptoms of sepsis, stroke etc. As well as increased capacity to adopt new skills and knowledge. I feel more positive about the job skill. Starting to feel comfortable working with new challenging tasks.

What you enjoy about the training session you are currently taking?

I enjoy how Amjid our training manager make us feel comfortable by answering our questions. Also during the session we do have laugh which helps with the learning.

What makes the training you received or receiving effective?

Knowledge, tests and the fact we get to do practises

Any other positive comments?

Amjid the training officer and other staff members seem supportive. 

Toni is also very kind lady. Liked the free lunch LOL!


"The advantages of training are that it allows us to understand and learn exactly what we need to do. This makes sure that we know the signs and symptoms and how to prevent or help if anything happens. By demonstrating these skills; it gives us clear detail so that when we are actually helping the customer, we know what needs to be done."

Joseph Deen

"I enjoy the training because it is interesting as I learn some of the things that I did not know before. Also allows us to use the knowledge and skills in everyday life. This makes it effective as we are able to practise on each other which shows us what we are doing wrong thus we are able to correct it."

Isobel Brown

"Very welcoming & friendly team, training course was in depth, informative but not overwhelming. Glad to have found a company that values staff & customers to a high standard, it's been a pleasure."

Claire Channing 

"I really like the training programme because all staff here are friendly and helpful, I feel like a family member here. I really enjoyed being on this training because all staff are very friendly. I have learned a lot in this course."