Employee Reviews

Why Work For Us?

"I have worked for Bluebird Care since February 2019 and now I know that am working for a care company that actually cares about its staff and customers. My role is to monitor visits to customers a role in which i feel supported by both my colleagues and managers. It is a great feeling to know that my job has a positive impact on people lives and to be a valued member of a fantastic team."

Rebecca Riley

"I have worked for Bluebird Care Calderdale for 5 years. They allowed me to progress within the organisation; from care worker to supervisor and currently I have taken on the role of assistant care manager. As the company has grown so have the existing staff. Such as me. I have no qualifications until I joined Bluebird Care, so they have supported me throughout the courses I have taken over time, my most recent qualification I gained is my level four in leadership and management. I am glad to help make a difference to customers as well as carers support network within the company."

Rachael Din

"Having worked for Bluebird Care for 15 months it’s been a great journey so far! My journey began with rapid team supporting customers back into their homes after stays in hospital. Took on package of care for a young lady who needed support for her final year of university moved onto supervisors and now currently recruiting and buddy all new carers. We are one big happy work family. The team spirit helps keep morale rich and I’m glad to be part of the Bluebird Care team.''

Toni Day

"I have worked for Bluebird Care approximately 7 years, during this time I was given the opportunity to progress further within the business as well as gaining additional qualifications. To be able to achieve this I have received unlimited support from my colleagues enabling me to fulfill my role to the best of my ability.''

Carla Cronly