Puzzle Your Way to Better Brain Health

Love a puzzle? As well as being a fun hobby, puzzles, quizzes and games could help to keep your brain sharp as you age.


Love a puzzle? As well as being a fun hobby, puzzles, quizzes and games could help to keep your brain sharp as you age.

Puzzling isn’t just an enjoyable pastime, it might also be a good way to boost your brain health. Some research suggests that developing a regular puzzle habit may help reduce cognitive decline as you get older. It’s thought that challenging your grey matter may have a range of benefits including:

  1. Improving memory - games or puzzles that involve multi-tasking or remembering sequences are great for giving your short-term memory a workout.
  2. Increasing dopamine - losing yourself in a puzzle can encourage the release of the feel-good hormone dopamine.
  3. Lowering anxiety - when you’re focussed on doing a puzzle it helps calm your mind and take your thoughts away from the daily stresses of life.
  4. Problem solving – love a game of chess or a good brain teaser? You’re keeping those problem-solving neural pathways firing.
  5. Improving spatial and visual thinking – whether it’s a Rubik cube, a jigsaw or a game of dominoes, anything that tests your visual and spatial reasoning could help keep these crucial skills sharp.
  6. Working both sides of the brain – many puzzles involve using logic and creativity which means that both hemispheres of the brain are being engaged.

What kinds of puzzles may be good for the brain?

When it comes to choosing puzzles, the most important thing is that they’re fun to do. It doesn’t matter whether you plump for or a cryptic crossword, sudoku, a wordsearch, Scrabble or some brain training games, whatever you choose will give your mind a workout so it’s a win-win.

If you want to enjoy puzzles as a social activity, you can play with friends, family or carers or perhaps find a local group to join. If solitary puzzling is more your cup of tea, there are loads of online resources. Most daily newspapers have free puzzles and a few other links that might help get you started are:

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