Career path: what can a care assistant progress to?

A care assistant role is incredibly rewarding, with each day being different, and allowing you to make a real difference for someone in need.


There are many benefits of being a home carer, and one of those is the exciting opportunities it opens to help you further your career. The care industry is vast, with many different home care roles available to suit everyone’s preferences, so depending on your interests, the choice is yours!


Career opportunities for care assistants

The great thing about a career in the care industry is that the career progression for care assistants has endless possibilities, depending on what sort of role you are looking for.

There are no roles you are limited to as a care assistant; it’s a case of personal preference and what area of the industry interests you. Whether you want to transfer between domiciliary care and live-in care, or want to focus on a more specialised area of care like being a care mentor, the sky’s the limit.

Here we have provided some job role examples that you can progress to after training as a care assistant:


  • Nurse and nursing assistant
  • Care supervisor
  • Care manager
  • Social worker assistant
  • Lead care worker


Whilst there are no official qualifications required to be a care assistant, in order to progress within the care industry, you may have to undertake further qualifications to be suitable for a more experienced role.

For example, to become a care champion, you may need to have completed a level 4 3 NVQ in health and social care.

The best way to find out more is to research each job tole to see what additional requirements are needed that might be on top of your care assistant experience.


If you are looking at your career progression as a care assistant and have decided that it’s time to move on from your role or want to apply for a different specialism, a career in care will still provide you with great transferable skills.

Having worked as a care assistant already, you will have learnt valuable experience within the workplace that can be adapted to fit into several other roles.


Transferable skills care assistants have:
  • Working well under pressure
  • Capable of a high responsibility role
  • Excellent people and communication skills
  • Organisational and planning
  • Time management
  • Friendly and professional

Whatever career path you choose, being a care assistant will provide you with an excellent core foundation for an excellent career.

 The journey ahead of you will teach you valuable life skills whilst forming great relationships with people in need of help.

Are you interested in taking the first step into an exciting new career opportunity? Or perhaps you’re looking to step up in the career ladder? Whatever you’re looking for, please see our available care assistant vacancies today.

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