Fantastic feedback

Published: 22/05/2019

Bluebird Care (Bournemouth) make it our priority to provide a high quality service to our customers and their families. We are so very proud of our team and wanted to share this feedback we recently received  

"D is a true carer - not only does he provide stability for Dad but his care and attention is genuine and heart-felt.  D has, over time, gently managed to introduce some changes to some of Dad's habits - this is by no means an easy feat, I can tell you!  But D does this with compassion and always with the best of intentions to improve Dad's life.  He lets Dad continue to be himself whilst gently cajoling him to do things in the safest & most sensible way and always with a cheerful disposition. The last four months have been the most difficult of our lives.  D has been an enormous help & lifted a lot of the responsibility which would otherwise have meant we wouldn't have been able to spend as much quality time with Mum whilst she went through a heart breaking illness that eventually took her from us recently.   Just knowing D was there to look after Dad's needs gave Mum true peace of mind and we don't know how to repay him for this.  D has certainly found his vocation - not only does he care for Dad, he has been such a support to us all.  He sets the bar high.  D has become part of our family - a real friend and such a lovely man."