Bluebird Care’s Nassrat Bi Wins Care Heroes Award

Published: 10/11/2020

Nassrat Bi, a Carer at Bluebird Care Birmingham East and Bluebird Care Birmingham North, has won the prestigious ‘Individual Home Care Hero’ award at the Home Care Heroes Awards 2020.

Bluebird Care’s Nassrat Bi Wins Care Heroes Award

Nassrat Bi, a Carer at Bluebird Care Birmingham East and Bluebird Care Birmingham North, has won the prestigious ‘Individual Home Care Hero’ award at the Home Care Heroes Awards 2020.


Nassrat joined Bluebird Care Birmingham East and North in 2018 having never previously worked in adult social care. However, she brought a wealth of personal experience as well as strong traits in empathy and understanding and quickly developed into an outstanding carer.


Bluebird Care say that Nassrat treats her customers and their family members with the kindness and respect of a natural carer. And, despite joining Bluebird care just two years ago, Nassrat has received the ‘Gem of the Month’ award twice in recognition of her outstanding dedication to those she cares for. Telling of her commitment to providing outstanding care, she has also completed additional courses which have enhanced her skills to deliver the highest possible levels of care.


The Care Heroes Awards judges were also impressed by Nassrat’s determination to continue working when she faced enormous personal challenges.


During the pandemic, Nassrat continued to care for one gentleman who was living with terminal cancer despite her own father being admitted to hospital. Although her father was taken seriously ill, she continued to work while also supporting her own family who were concerned about their fathers’ condition.


While caring for this gentleman, she tragically lost her father to COVID-19. Yet Nassrat continued to selflessly care for this customer, as well as support his family, until he too sadly passed away. Nassrat then took some time away from work to grieve her loss but returned shortly after.


This heroic demonstration of compassion received immense praise from the family of the customer who passed away. Moved by her dedication, this family sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and thank you card in appreciation of her work.


In another instance, Nassrat built a strong relationship with a customer who had been deteriorating rapidly due to severe dementia. Often hostile to other carers, Nassrat’s natural ability to build strong relationships saw this customer become calm and peaceful in her presence.


Then, when this customer was placed in palliative care, Nassrat ensured they were comfortable and well cared for in their final days. Showing their deep thanks to Nassrat, family members of this customer showed their appreciation by again sending her a bouquet of flowers along with a personal card of thanks.


On winning the prestigious award, Nassrat said:


“I am overwhelmed with the announcement of winning the Individual Home Care Hero award at the Care Heroes Awards 2020! This award reaffirms the hard work that myself and the team have endured in these testing times. I am grateful to be recognized for the sheer determination I have put in which will hopefully inspire my children who look up to me.


“Losing my father to this virus put everything into prospective, that compassion and empathy are the fundamentals to the care I give to my clients. Thank you to the judges who voted for me, it is greatly appreciated.”


Speaking of Nassrat’s outstanding achievement, Sue, the Director of Bluebird Care Birmingham East and Bluebird Care Birmingham North, said:

 “ we are truly honoured that Nassrat won the award for the Category Home Care Individual she is an exceptional Care Staff; We were emotional when the Winner was announced as hard work and the passion for delivering high quality Care has been recognised and appreciated. We are grateful for the judging panel and homecare insight team for selecting Nassrat; we cannot thank you all enough for showcasing the real “heroes” from the community.” It’s a memorable award for Nassrat and the team. This award will also inspire us to train and develop and inspire all our staffs.

Also Joanne Ali (Registered Manager) had a few words for Nassrat winning the award

"I feel that Nas was a very worthy winner of this award and I am so pleased for her, She has worked so hard and been so committed to delivering quality care to all of the customers. The Pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but especially for her as she sadly lost her Father to Covid 19.  This award means a lot to her and we at Bluebird Care are very proud to have her on our dedicated team of carers."