Gift ideas for those living with Dementia

We have put together some great gift ideas for those who live with Dementia.


We have put together some great gift ideas for those who live with Dementia.

If you are struggling with some ideas for gifts for someone you know, who lives with Dementia take a look at some of our ideas:

For those with early stage Dementia:

  • Family Photo Albums – sitting with your loved one and sharing photos can help to save some of those memories and maybe even jog a few more! You can also create albums of family recipes or old letters.
  • Day Clock – these have a large display and often include the day of the week, the month and the year as well the time.
  • Simple board games – complicated board may cause confusion so think of simple and familiar games such as snakes and ladders or checkers.
  • Picture Dial Telephone – this can make telephone calls much easier for your loved one. An image is placed in/on a larger button which when pressed speed dials that person. A very simple and easy way to help your loved keep in touch with people in their lives.
  • A Memory box – this can be an activity that you can do together as well as a present. A box of special and sentimental items, try to keep it small (roughly the size of a shoe box) and items and be added or removed as their Dementia progresses.
  • A Christmas Hamper of their favourite food – because everyone loves food at Christmas! Try to keep it on the smaller size as a larger hamper be over whelming and take the time to go through it with them.

For those with mid stage Dementia:

  • Colouring Books – help them unleash their creative side! Also holding colouring pencils helps to maintain fine motor skills.
  • Drawings from Grandchildren – encourage the grandchildren to draw lots of pictures and help your loved one to display them in their home.
  • Puzzles – Jigsaw puzzles can be a great activity to do together or for your loved one to do on their own. We would recommend getting larger puzzle pieces to make them easier to hold and easier to complete. You can even design your own jigsaw puzzles with a favourite picture or design.
  • Larger Print Books – the larger print makes the books easier to read. If your loved one is an avid reader why not think about an online book subscription.
  • Automatic Medicine Dispenser a more practical gift but help to remind your loved one to take their medication on time.
  • Memorabilia eg. Sports – is your loved one a sports fan? Displaying an old sports shirt or looking through an old programme can help to promote long-term memory.

For those with late stage Dementia:

  • Watercolour Kit – often in the later stages of Dementia communication can become difficult however someone living with dementia maybe able to express themselves through art. This is also a nice activity to do together.
  • Bathrobe – everyone loves a nice and cosy bathrobe!
  • Slippers – look for a pair with non-slip soles and have some support, to help prevent any falls.
  • Twiddle Muff – these are knitted tubes with items such as buttons, ribbons, bells or anything with a distinct feeling attached to the outside. They help to keep fidgeting hands busy.
  • Adaptive Clothing – looser clothing such as lounge wear is easy to put on and with the winter weather can help to keep them warm.
  • Location Device – those who live with Dementia is the later stages are often prone to wandering. To keep them safe you can get wearable tracking devices, which can provide you piece of mind.


The most important gift you can give to someone who lives with Dementia is your time and company. You can spend some time looking at their Christmas presents with them or watch a Christmas movie. Although they may not remember everything, they will remember how you made them feel.

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