A Discussion with a Dementia Friend

For Dementia Action Week 2021, we had a conversation with our Dementia Friend, Wednesday!


For Dementia Action Week 2021, we had a conversation with our Dementia Friend, Wednesday!



A change of routine or environment can be extremely unnerving for someone living with a type of dementia. Receiving the care needed in familiar surroundings will provide comfort. As part of Dementia Action Week, we want to highlight the importance of delivering correct care for someone living with dementia. 

Our HR & Recruitment Officer, Wednesday (pictured above), has worked in the care industry since 2018 and is a fully certified Dementia Friend. 

"Dementia Friend training was the most eye-opening part of the training because you open your eyes to what it is like to live with dementia and the lack of awareness society has for the condition."

There are at least 800,000 people who live with dementia in the UK, and a lot of these people receive care and support from family or friends rather than professional caregivers. 

Giving a person living with dementia the proper support and care required can help improve their mental wellbeing while maintaining their independence. Furthermore, practicing dementia-friendly techniques can engage and bring pleasure, therefore, reducing the risk of irritability or depression.

What is the best way to communicate? Wednesday shares her expertise on how to communicate with someone living with dementia; "I believe the key is to be patient, empathetic, and above all remaining compassionate. 

Remember to speak clearly; dementia does not usually affect hearing; it is important not to raise your voice, even when they do not respond." 

"Try and avoid confrontation and startling questions such as 'don't you remember me?' It is crucial to try and not to overwhelm someone living with dementia; you need to give them time to process their thoughts before speaking again."

All Bluebird Care Bath carers receive high-quality training, including dementia care, to ensure that our customers receive the correct support. 

To learn more about we could help support someone living with dementia, please call us on 01225 982384.