A Day in the Life of a Care Assistant

Ever wondered what the day in the life of a Care Assistant is like? Take a read of our Lead Care Supervisors most recent interview.


Ever wondered what the day in the life of a Care Assistant is like? Take a read of our Lead Care Supervisors most recent interview.

Have you ever wondered what the life of a Care Assistant is like? Look no further.

Our Lead Care Supervisor Levi was more than happy to sit down and have a chat with us about her previous role of Care Assistant and the type of progressional opportunities you are likely to encounter if care is a long term ambition for you. 

Levi is the first in a series 'Day in the Life of' interviews we are writing up on our office team. Everyone here at Bluebird Care Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset are incredibly dedicated to their roles, so we are looking forward to being able to showcase their enthusiasm for the care sector, while you as the reader can gain a wider understanding of the role.



My name is Levi, I'm the Lead Supervisor for Bluebird Care Bath & NES, although previous to this I have worked as a Care Assistant for both Bluebird Care and other care services. I really enjoy making a difference to the lives of others, and hope you enjoy reading about my experiences."

What is a day in the life of a Care Assistant like?

"The day of a care assistant is adventurous and rewarding. In the morning I help my customers get out of bed, washed, dressed and ready to start their day. Providing those very important cups of tea followed by breakfast and checking they have taken their medication. Sometimes I may be the only person they see that day, so we like to talk about anything and everything, when I leave they're comfortable and happy in their own home.

After morning calls are finished the lunch time round starts. I go to customers to provide them with a meal of their choice, assisting them to the toilet if required and making sure everything is ok. Afternoons are mostly for assisting with shopping or domestic duties; cleaning around, changing beds or even socialising visits (taking customers to their favourite places such as garden centres or out for a nice walk). I may also do a sitting service with someone in their home whilst their family goes shopping.

If I do an afternoon shift it will start with tea time calls and providing my customers with a hot meal, checking medication and assisting with toileting just to name a few tasks. As the shift goes on I will then attend bedtime calls assisting my customers into nightwear, personal care, medication, maybe even a hot chocolate. I will then assist them safely into bed and wish them a good sleep.

Some care calls may require two carers due to the types of equipment used and care needs but this is a nice way to meet the team and collaborate/work together and ensure our customer can remain safe within their own home."

What do you enjoy most about care?

"I enjoy enabling people to remain in their own home as they wish and promoting their independence whilst doing so. I enjoy making a difference in the community and most importantly I feel appreciated by my customers and the team. Every day is different and the job never gets boring."

What is the most challenging aspect of the Care Assistant role?

"The role can be demanding both physically and emotionally, but with the correct training and support it gets a lot easier, which Bluebird offer every single one of their Care Assistants. It is also challenging to learn new customer’s routines, as each person is an individual and will have unique needs,, but your confidence will increase as you spend more time with the customer. You must always remember that you are supporting their life and their choices."

Are there opportunities for progression in care?

"When you start your career you are always provided with induction training for all the aspects of the job, this will be followed by shadowing where you go in to the community with an experienced carer and shadow them to learn your way around the job role. During your probation you will be supported to complete the care certificate. There are so many routes for progression within care; NVQ’s, refresher training and customer specific training is always held. I started care when I was 17 and gained my care certificate shortly after starting, I then went on to achieve my level 2 & 3 NVQs. I am currently working on my NVQ level 4 leadership and management within Health & Social Care. With the opportunity for qualification completion, progression within Bluebird is worth it."

What do you think is important for people who are new to care to know?

"Don’t be scared, keep an open mind and embrace the journey. In the beginning it may seem daunting and scary but this is the same with every job. As long as you have good communication skills and a passion to make a difference, you're going to enjoy waking up and going to work every day and that is priceless. The skills you learn you will carry forever and the stories you get to hear are inspirational. The way I have always looked at the job is that one day it could be me receiving care so I like to ensure my customers are happy."

If the above inspires you to make the leap into the world of care, don't hesitate to give our recruitment team a call on 01225445225.