Picture Perfect Compliment

As they say...a photo can mean 1000 words!


As they say...a photo can mean 1000 words!

We recieved this compliment today and we wanted to share it, although due to the message inside we feel the information is a little too personal to share, however we wanted to share the image on the front for a good reason!

The compliment is from the family of a customer who has recently passed away, and the message was giving thanks to all our wonderful carers who helped care for our customer during the later stages of their life. The image on the front of the card is part of an image that our customer absolutely adored and had a framed version in her home, and her family thought that would be a lovely way to say thank you to us. All compliments have a nice personal touch to them, but this one had that little bit extra.

We are so proud of our carers for their work, so we always share compliments we recieve with them!