Making wishes come true

Published: 22/10/2019

We were delighted to be able to help Anita accomplish her dream

Anita expressed a disire to our Care Supervisor Jodie that she would love to visit St Keyna Primary school and listen to some of the children read, so of course we wanted to make that happen! Anita has a long history of involvement with the Primary School, however unfortunately due to illness she had been unable to attend for the last 6 years. Before this time, Anita had been part of the Board of Governors and would volunteer on a regular basis to listen to the children read every day.

At Bluebird Care (Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset) we take customer enrichment seriously, and we always aim to help our customer’s engage in activities that they may no longer be able to, as we did with our lovely customer Anita.

Yesterday we were able to grant Anita her wish! Our supervisor Jodie and Manager Claire attended St Keyna Primary School with Anita and spent the afternoon with her while she was listening to the children read, as you’ll be able to see by the photographs. Everyone involved had a wonderful time and it was an honour to assist Anita with an activity she has wanted to do for so long.


We are committed to going that extra mile for our customers and look forward to updating you with the new and wonderful things we can assist our customers with in the future. We want to say a massive thank you to Jodie, Claire and all the staff and children at St Keyna Primary School who helped make this wish come true! 💙