Bluebird Care are my godsend

For over 45 years, Margaret lived an independent life at home. She bought her house in 1972, but when her partner sadly passed away 20 years ago, Margaret was left on her own. As time went on she became more frail, more lonely and more unhappy, until one day she had a bad fall and tragically fractured her pelvis.

This came as a massive shock to Margaret who, up until then, had never needed help herself. In fact, it was the other way round for much of Margaret’s life, as she spent much of her career as a health visitor, nurse and mid-wife. 

It was Margaret’s unfortunate fall that gave her the wake up call that she now needed someone to help her - this was for her loneliness as much as it was for her painful injury. Margaret chose Bluebird Care because they were local and she had heard they were the best and had won many awards.

Having started with Bluebird’s daily Home Care visits in July 2016, Margaret then progressed to Bluebird’s Live in Care Service and is now reaping the rewards of the companionship that comes with it.

Margaret said: “I did try a nursing home for a couple of days but it wasn’t my idea of fun and neither was hospital, so now I’m back in my own home with Bluebird and I’m very happy about it!

“I welcomed their help because there’s a vast difference staying in your own home to residential care. I know exactly what’s going on and it’s also much easier, because I’m surrounded by everything that’s familiar to me and that I hold dear.

“My quality of life is so much better now Maria, my Bluebird Live in Care Assistant, is living with me. I find it wonderful to have someone to talk to and discuss things with. Before, I was just talking to myself - which I can do quite well but it’s not the same!

“I find it just as important to have Maria’s company as it is to have her caring for me. I used to feel very alone and low on my own, so having companionship and being able to stay near my neighbours is something I really appreciate. I definitely don’t want to go anywhere else!

“Since my first fall, I realise I am now more prone to falling, so I need someone around me at all times. Maria is my god send and my lifeline!

“Everyday I can make my own decisions. I can decide what I want to eat and what I’d like to do, so Bluebird’s Live in Care is perfect for me.  

“Maria has also taken me out to several tea parties and bingo afternoons, so I’m delighted to now have a more active social life.

“I do a lot of reading and I like watching sports, so it’s great fun having Maria to help with my hobbies. I also love to take care of my garden and go out for walks, but I never know when I might fall so I feel safe and secure always having Maria by my side. 

“All my family and friends have seen a positive change in my wellbeing too, so I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m glad I stayed put!”

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