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Electronic care plan management

The PASSsystem is a revolutionary approach to Homecare harnessing the power of mobile technology and is the only CQC and Care Inspectorate-cited, NHS England-accredited (see Quick Guide: A Better Use of Care at Home, p4) and NICE-compliant electronic care planning, care notes and eMAR (electronic medication administration record) system presently available.

All our Care Assistants now follow digital Care Plans using their mobile phones and information about the Care that they are delivering – for instance care notes and medication records – is entered into their phone and transmitted back to the office in near real-time.

Changes to Care Plans can also be affected at the push of a button on a tablet following a review meeting. This means that before the Supervisor has even arrived back in the office, the agreed changes have been implemented and are visible to Care Assistants immediately, particularly important where the changes concern medication, for instance.

With the PASSsystem, we are better positioned to make informed decisions, take quicker action where required, and are able to offer a safer, more responsive, more consistent service as a result. 

The PASSsystem also has a sister app, openPASS, which provides approved family members, neighbours and other advocates with real-time access to care plans, care notes, weekly rosters and actual attendance times. Eventually – and with our customers’ expressed consent – it is expected that openPASS will be able to extend the secure connection of information from the PASSsystem to other healthcare professionals involved in our customers’ Care – GPs, Pharmacists, Consultants, local Social Service and District Nurse teams, and more.

openPASS is available for mobile and tablet via the Apple App and Google Play stores, and is also accessible online via a laptop or PC at https://www.openpass.com.

openPASS is FREE to use for all customers as a perk of the service, and facilitates electronic access to care notes and other information at anytime, anywhere in world.

By combining Homecare expertise with the latest consumer technology, Bluebird Care strives to be the vanguard of change in the industry: embracing transparency, driving continuous improvement and empowering our Care Assistants to deliver excellence in Care.

If you have any questions for us about the PASSsystem or openPASS, we would be happy to answer them. Please see our contact details at the top of this page.