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What our Care Assistants say

Helen Buchanan

Joined: February, 2016...

Joining Bluebird Care Sevenoaks in early 2016 was the best decision I ever made.

I always liked the idea of working in Care, though with no qualifications and no experience, I had assumed that my application would never be successful. When I finally mustered up the confidence to pick up the phone, I was told that experience wasn't everything - the right attitude and a willingness to learn were far more important, which I found really reassuring. 

Having no formal qualifications, I was also concerned about the training, but there really was no need to be worried, as the trainer was there for me every step of the way. The support was great: following classroom-based learning, shadowing of experienced staff and after completing a series of practical assessments, I was out there doing a job that I never dreamt was achievable!

I enjoy every day. Each customer and every visit is different, you have to think on your feet while performing any number of practical tasks, whilst always keeping one eye on your customer. I had no idea just how many people were lonely and isolated at home, and how much of a difference something as simple as a conversation could make to someone’s day. Each day that I work is immensely satisfying as I really feel that I make a meaningful difference to peoples’ lives.

I have also just completed a QCF Level 2 in Adult Social Care, my very first professional qualification! This was organised by the training team at Bluebird Care Sevenoaks at no cost to me, with lots of support and encouragement. I am now a very proud – and formally accredited! – Care Assistant!

Danielle Davie

Joined: April, 2015...

I have been with Bluebird Care Sevenoaks for nearly 2 years now and I wish I had found them sooner.

I watched the seemingly constant negative news coverage of the Care sector – stories of neglect, theft and physical abuse – and found it heart-breaking. I just couldn’t understand it and felt certain that if I myself, and more people like me, were delivering Care, these things would never occur, under any circumstances, so I resolved to re-train as a carer.

I live in Sevenoaks so I approached the local office of Bluebird Care, having driven past the signs on the front of the building many times. They were friendly and welcoming from the beginning. They put me through a thorough induction programme and supervised me face-to-face every week in the early days – I was also the very first carer they enroled on the Care Certificate, which even made it into the local paper, though for all the right reasons this time! It was a challenge, but I was supported all the way.

Now I'm working in the field I adore every minute. I find helping people to live independently extremely rewarding. We take it for granted, it but it really means so much to people to be able to spend their twilight years in their own home.

I feel valued by the office staff and of course by our customers. The things you help people with can be so simple, but they're so important them. The feeling of satisfaction you get is immense.

Liz Atkins

Joined: February, 2012...

Life as a carer can be challenging, both physically and mentally, but enormously satisfying and rewarding, as it really makes a difference to peoples’ lives. 
It also very much suits my present lifestyle and enables me to work my hours around my personal commitments.
What I really enjoy about my role is the sheer variety, both in customers and tasks. I am never bored as every day offers a new challenge. It's a constant learning curve. I get an enormous sense of satisfaction knowing that I am enabling someone vulnerable or frail to continue to live independently in their own home, especially when my efforts are met with positive feedback.
Being able to work within the Sevenoaks locality and the ease of access to their office which is small but well-resourced is a boon. The office offers good facilities for both carers and office staff, enabling carers to be trained locally (instead of having to travel further afield) in an area specially set aside for these activities on the ground floor, which affords the office staff (on the first floor) a degree of privacy. This works well as the central hub from which they provide excellent support and coordination of the carers.
I find that the support I receive from the office is friendly, positive and constructive. Further support comes in the form of an understanding of the needs of each of their carers: whether it be constructive criticism, encouragement and/or reassurance, or simply a listening ear. Indeed on that particular score I have always felt listened to whenever I have a concern, whether it be about a customer, a colleague or a personal matter.